The Travel Bug Gets You You’Ve Returned Home After Traveling The World

travelThis is where I can live a very comfortable life and still enjoy adventure feeling every day. It is I settled in Chiang Mai. It’s a well home Town. Nevertheless, the travel bug gets you, infects your blood, and instills a lifelong restlessness where the only cure is to travel. Another question is. How do you reassimilate into a world that you no longer belong to? This article is so true.

I am glad that I decided to take nine my life months to leave everything behind and travel the world, although it has been quite a struggle returning home.
Pack your bags, grab your passport, get a ride to the airport, and just…. When you return home, and you feel overwhelmed, just remember there are travelers out there who understand that you have just been through your biggest transformation life.

It changes your world forever. You can find more information about it on this site. It can be a lot more overwhelming then you expect. Notice that was the case for me. Unless you take it that way, this new view on the world is not a bad thing, as I did at first. I’m sure it sounds familiar.|a lot?|Sounds familiar?|doesn’t it? Traveling opens up your eyes, mind, heart, and soul.a lot more information about it on this site. You see everything in a new light and like it did for me, may come as a huge shock. In a way, it makes you feel like you are constantly traveling and that one place you call home, never really feels similar again.

Driving a car for the first time in nine months felt pretty foreign at first. It felt really comforting to not have to worry about my belongings being left in my hostel room while I went out for the day. The last 2 i seem to be depressed after returning home, its funny I have done a few trips over the last 20 years. It also felt great not to have to carry around my sitar and two backpacks with me everywhere. USA, just different.

Japan on Tuesday and I feel exactly the way you have described, thanks you have described it perfectly and I am glad its not just me.  Everything is different whilst being the still the same….

This is an awesome entry -and so true. Came back after another 4 months and am now leaving again for undecided … Hah! Toronto Travel Massive which is a group of travel bloggers and travel enthusiasts who come gether every month to talk travel and just hang out. Thanks you for this message.

It is life affirming and life defining. The London that I loved before I left is not identical anymore. Wonderful entry -I have just come back from 9 months travelling and I feel so disconnected being back in London. Then, thank you!

UK penniless, jobless and homeless and am currently looking for a job staying with friends who have kindly me allowed me to stay with them whilst I get myself back on my feet financially etc I spent 2 of those months teaching the most wonderful children I could have asked for.
Whenever eating breakfast with friends, having genuine fun whilst teaching, having beers on a balcony looking out onto the Thai sunset, My daily routine consisted, waking up. Weekends consisted of trips to unknown places, or sitting on a beach doing appreciating life.

Which is hard. Just think for a moment. It made me feel very disconnected from everyone. This is the case. Every single person had their head down, strongly concentrated on their Black Berries and iPhones. Where was the human interaction?

Deciding to quit your job, pack your bags, and say goodbye to a world that is so familiar may seem like the hard part about traveling. Whenever returning home would be the most difficult experiences of my life, Little did I know. However, getting back into the 9 to 5 job. Im more into it than others. Known I think of all the experiences I done through travelling and I know during that time I am really making the a number of life and time, then comparing it to home being routine.

Enjoyed reading this post and felt I should share my experience as well. You got hooked on the excitement, adventure and unpredictability that the travel experience offers. The best you can do is cope and try to adjust to the changes. With all that said. Home is a location in time and since time is always moving and you are always being changed by your new experiences, the longer you stay away the more you find you can never really go back, as a wise author once wrote. I had that same unsettling feeling when I went home for the first time and found everything had changed, me especially, when you came back to your old life and its routines all that excitement and adventure was not as available as before and the reverse culture shock of finding things and people home had changed somewhat while you were away started to kick in Having been an immigrant who left his home country and never went back for 14 years.

Great article and like a lot of others, it has spoken to me very much. As well as visiting Bulgaria, uK after leaving my job in the teaching profession in June 2013 and spent a lot of the past fourteen months travelling across Europe where I did the Camino de Santiago last year Germany, Italy, Thailand and Nepal. While getting a job, working like a mad woman, taking acting courses, voice lessons and dance classes, going out with friends, visiting family, and the list goes on, From the moment I arrived home up until this very day, I have been extremely busy with everything from moving back to Toronto. UK from Sofia in Bulgaria where I was working for a while. What alternative from having no plans and priorities anyway from the previous nine months. This came to me as the biggest culture shock of all.

Over the past few months, I have had this horrible feeling inside of me that I have not been able to completely understand. I have felt a lot better, since hearing those words of advice. The feelings continued to linger.